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The BraveHearted Woman Planner

A Passion Planner for Purposeful Life Design

End distraction, focus failure, and shiny object syndrome! Get on track and harness the power of the daily routine through this Daily Brave Journal.

This offer is a no-brainer.
UNLEASH the endless possibilities that await you.
What you'll get: 
  • My proven daily guided system to command your focus and create a life you love

  • 5 Steps to Prep Your Daily Brave Journal

  • 7 Printable Section Tab Templates (in color and b&w)

  • 9 Unique Worksheets, Checklists, and Guides  writing prompts that inspire your creativity (in color and b&w)

  • 6 Minute - How to Create Your Journal Video


Calendars are for managing your time, and planners are for organization, but the DAILY BRAVE JOURNAL is a passion planner that leads you to turn your dreams into reality. Transform your life as you design your life’s path to success.