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Rise Brave ☀️ Workshop

The 6:06 Rise

Are you ready to Rise Brave and take charge of your mornings?

Join Dawn Damon for a transformative workshop replay, Rise Brave ☀️ Workshop, recorded LIVE STREAM March 23, 2024. Dive deep into the significance of establishing a powerful morning routine to set the tone for a successful day and unlock your full potential.

Here are some key takeaways from this impactful workshop:

⏰ Harnessing the Power of a Morning Routine:

Learn how to utilize the "606 RISE method" to start your day with purpose and intention, including spiritual practices, gratitude, journaling, and affirmations to propel you toward personal growth and development.

💡 The Impact of a Structured Morning Routine:

Discover the benefits of incorporating a morning routine, such as increased productivity, reduced stress, heightened focus, and improved overall well-being, setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling day.

🌅 The Journey to Living Your Dreams:

Gain insights into the importance of choosing long-term goals over short-term desires, breaking free from destructive cycles, and taking full responsibility for your choices and habits to pave the way for realizing your dreams and aspirations.


Are you ready to elevate your mornings and seize the day with purpose and bravery? Don't miss out on the tools, inspiration, and practical wisdom to kickstart your day with courage and determination!