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How to become the woman of your dreams in midlife

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Discover 5 practical steps for personal growth. Empower yourself with actionable tips on defining your vision, setting goals, cultivating a growth mindset, taking consistent action, and reflecting on your progress to become the woman of your dreams today!


Picture this: You wake up every morning feeling energized and confident, embodying the traits and qualities you’ve always admired. You’re surrounded by supportive, inspiring women, and you tackle each day with a clear vision of your future self. This isn’t just a dream—it’s a reality you can create. 

Today, I’ll share critical steps and pro tips that will guide you to become the woman of your dreams. Yes, it’s perfectly okay to dream about who you might become in Christ and to work towards that vision. Let’s dive into this journey together.


Step #1: Identify and Name Your Goals

First things first, let’s think about who you want to be. We all have dreams about the person we want to become, but it’s important to realize that you can start making changes right now. Think about the character traits you desire. Do you want to be known for kindness, positivity, encouragement, patience, or loyalty? Name these traits. Don't let them remain vague or unthought of. When you name what you want, you set a clear target.

Reflect on what you want people to see in you. For me, I want people to see joy, hope, and a positive, uplifting outlook when they see me. Consider what you’re currently allowing in your life that the ideal you would never tolerate. Naming these aspects might be painful, but it’s a necessary step. By identifying these areas, you can decide what changes need to be made.


Step #2: Write Affirmations for Yourself

Affirmations are powerful tools for change. Write positive, present-tense "I am" statements that reflect the traits you want to embody. For example, if you want to cultivate confidence, your affirmation might be, "I am strong. I am confident. I stand assured in my God-given worth." These affirmations act as pattern interrupters, breaking the habitual thoughts that hold you back.

Our habitual thoughts and self-perceptions often stem from past experiences and narratives that no longer serve us. Affirmations help replace these outdated beliefs with empowering truths, enabling us to think and act in ways that align with our goals.


Step #3: Find Your Lifters

Lifters are people who inspire and elevate you. They are individuals who have achieved what you aspire to and can motivate you to rise higher. Unlike loaders, who burden and bury you with negativity, lifters help you soar. They can be mentors, friends, or even public figures you admire.

Identify lifters in various areas of your life, whether it’s romance, finances, career, health, or personal growth. Learn from them, emulate their positive traits, and let their success stories motivate you. Lifters are not idols to be envied but role models to be appreciated and learned from.


Step #4: Keep Your Visions in Front of You

Keep the vision of your ideal self in front of you. Who is she? What does she look like? How does she act and feel? Visualization is a powerful tool that translates your goals into feelings, actions, and ultimately, results. When you hold a positive image of yourself, it influences your thoughts and actions, leading to positive outcomes.

For instance, I visualized myself as a successful author, signing books and spreading my message. This vision fueled my passion and perseverance, helping me turn my dream into reality. Envisioning your ideal self every morning, as part of a routine, keeps you motivated and focused.


Step #5: Associate with Women with the Same Growth Mindset

Finally, associate with women who share a growth mindset. These are not necessarily your lifters but peers who are also committed to personal development. They inspire you, motivate you, and help you stay on track.

Your closest friends significantly influence your growth. Choose to be around those who push you to be better, who expand your thinking, and who encourage you to pursue your dreams. These relationships are crucial for maintaining a positive and growth-oriented mindset.


Embrace Your Journey

Remember, improvement doesn’t mean you don’t love who you are now. It's about loving yourself enough to continue growing and evolving. Your decisions today shape your future. Embrace the journey, stay motivated, and keep believing in your potential.


Take your Bravehearted Planner, write down these steps, and commit to becoming the woman of your dreams. Reinforce your goals with affirmations, find your lifters, visualize your ideal self, and surround yourself with supportive friends.

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If you need further support, I offer FREE strategy call to help you on your journey. Have an amazing day, and remember, find your brave and live your vision!





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