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Finding Bravery Through Faith: A Miracle Journey of Recovery and Resilience with Lori Vober


 What you’re about to hear is a  miracle, a living miracle!

Welcome to another episode of ‘The BraveHearted Woman’ Podcast with your host and BraveHeart Mentor, Dawn Damon where your heart meets your life’s vision. This is a go-to podcast for empowering women with beautiful visions for their lives who ultimately desire to live with purpose, find their brave, and fulfill dreams.


Today, I have a special guest, Lori Vober as she speaks about her incredible journey of faith, resilience, and bravery. Lori shares her story of suffering a life-changing stroke at the age of 29 and developing epilepsy as a result. Despite the challenges she faced, Lori believes that God has a plan for everyone and that it’s up to us to choose to follow it. She talks about the difficulties of regaining basic functions and the importance of faith in her recovery process.


Lori also discusses her book “Choices,” which highlights her journey of infertility, adoption, and stroke recovery. The book includes reflection questions to encourage readers to reflect on their own journey and find healing and freedom. Lori stresses the importance of vulnerability, transparency, and asking for help when needed. She also emphasizes the importance of processing through challenges to find joy and reminds everyone that they have the power to choose their attitude and response to life’s challenges.


So, tune in to this inspiring conversation to hear more about Lori’s journey and her message of hope and faith. Head over to this week’s episode to learn more!

0:56 - Guest intro
2:36 - Lori’s journey from sufferings to faith at the age of 29
7:27 - You don't need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. - Martin Luther King Jr.
9:09 - How to overcome anxiety and depression
12:31 - Lori’s biggest support system came from
16:10 - The story of Lori’s adoption
20:54 - Choices
25:33 - Jeremiah 29:11-13
26:59 - My word for the year is Gratitude
29:04 - Words to live by from Lori Vober




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