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Episode #98 | Are you living TRUE to you?

finding significance living your best life the bravehearted woman podcast

Hey BraveHearted Women, let’s have a genuine heart-to-heart chat, you know like BFFs do. NO JUDGEMENT.


Here's a question for you:

Are you brave enough to admit that you’re a late bloomer?  


Let's dive deep into the importance of SELF-DISCOVERY and explore the untapped potential of our talents and abilities. It's time to engage in self-reflection and consider how life has been for us women.

Together, let's uncover how to find significance LATER in life.  


Remember those good times as kids, playing all day and doing all the things we loved without a care in the world? Just living our BEST LIFE.  


What’s so different now? ... Do you still feel like you are living your "best" life? Are you finding that level of joy and fulfillment as you were a kid in your current life?   


Embrace the possibility that you can still BLOOM!


Life is messy. I encourage you to take risks, embrace the challenges, and keep growing!  


If you’re ready to say YES to life, join me and let’s get brave!





0:00 - Intro
0:47 - What is it to have a messy hair day?
1:10 - ‘Are you a late bloomer?
2:44 - How to find your significance in life?
3:23 - Tips for saying YES
4:27 - What is the TRUE joy?
6:08 - Robert Bly’s quote on how to spend life
7:52 - Jon Acuff’s quote on finding out what you love doing the most
8:21 - Jon Acuff’s quote about one’s dream job
9:58 - How to live a big life?



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