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Episode #99 | Embracing Change & Reinventing Midlife

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“This is the time for you to reinvent what midlife looks like, to think about what you want to do with the rest of your life, and where you want to go.”

Discover how successful people just keep learning, growing, and becoming MORE successful in life! 


Join me on this inspiring episode of The BraveHearted Woman Podcast and let’s get brave together by committing to The 1% Better Everyday Challenge. 


Abrupt change is an unavoidable aspect of life that can provoke mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension. Whether it’s a redirection in a career, the start or an end of a relationship, or a traumatic event that requires you to get on your big girl panties, it's crucial to embrace and adapt to the CHANGE.  Despite the obstacles that may arise, change can also provide

surprisingly delightful opportunities, variety to our perspectives, and rewarding encounters. 



Let me share with you a simple yet effective STRATEGY that has the power to change your life! It involves consistent self-improvement -

JUST strive to be 1% better every day!



By taking small and steady baby steps, you can reach a significant

37.78% OVERALL improvement in just one year!

Wouldn't that be amazing???



This daily habit is not about beating yourself up with self-criticism but rather focusing on attainable incremental progressions towards your goals, whether in areas like health, finances, career, and/or personal growth.


I urge you to keep pushing yourself forward as your success depends on consistent efforts. I encourage you to find clarity in life and achieve success by determining what you love and what you want to achieve.







0:00 - Intro
1:03 - The importance of doing 1% better every day
2:05 - Tips for pushing yourself to be better
4:56 - How to reinvent yourself?
6:40 - Reasons why average people struggle when they stop growing
9:16 - How successful people plan a goal VS How average people think about life
12:05 - The impact of having a growth mindset
13:16 - How to find your self-discipline?
15:07 - How to create a powerful morning routine?
16:26 - Leaders are readers.
18:18 - How to change to be a better you?
19:31 - FREE Download: My Top 10 Growth and Development Books by Dawn Damon





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