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Episode #100 | Leveraging Pain for Personal Growth & Transformation

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We all experience pain in life, but we don't all use it for our good. Pain is an amazing motivator, isn't it?


PAIN instantly sends a warning signal to our brain that says, 

'Whatever you're doing, STOP doing it.' 
'This hurts, I'm in pain, let's reconsider.'  
'I'm never doing that again, that hurt.' 


There's just something about pain that stimulates the brain to take ACTION.


You know,

Life happens and it's not what comes to us, but what we DO with what comes to us.

So, make good choices! 



Let's talk about how to take pain and use it to your advantage.

We all experience pain in life, but we don't all use it for our good. Pain can be used as an amazing motivator! 

Decision-making is extremely important and making the right or "GOOD" decision can stall our action on even mediocre tasks. In the most uncomfortable of situations it’s natural to become resistant when sensations of pain arise and almost STUCK in our choices. That type of pain is alerting us that we have stepped out of our comfort zones and have a hint of potential danger.  Use THIS to your advantage.


Do not mistake pain for suffering.

I often think about a seed, and the Bible even talks about if a seed doesn't go into the ground and die, it won't produce the good fruit that's inside.  So it is with us!  Sometimes it's in our breaking, the cracking open, or the crushing where the most beautiful fruit exists.


Let me make this distinction for you-

Pain is INEVITABLE - it's part of life.

Suffering,  ...that's OPTIONAL!




Pain is going to come to you, but suffering is often just our refusal to accept the things that we cannot change. Refusing to accept that this is part of transformation or this thing that has happened, this situation, this circumstance.

'I can't change it, it's painful, and it hurts.'


But suffering is the anguish of the soul. We're gonna have pain, so let's make that pain work for us. We actually need to put ourselves in a place of pain, not harm, okay? 




Let's delve deeper by watching my YouTube Video Leveraging Pain for Personal Growth and Transformation.




Let go of excuses, instead cultivate discipline and motivation.
Embrace discomfort as a sign of progress on your journey. 











1:05 - How pain is a great motivator?
4:10 - How seed is relatable to pain?
4:31 - Pain VS Suffering
6:10 - How uncomfortable circumstances can challenge you?
8:31 - Why the pain of regret is the worst feeling?
8:50 - FREE PDF Download: My Top 10 Growth and Development Books by Dawn Damon
9:31 - How to start living big?
10:05 - The concept of rationalization and excuse-making
12:06 - How to make pain your friend?



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