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The Power of Self-Talk: How Your Words Shape Your Life

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“If you think you can't, you won't. But if you think you can, you will.”

In this timely episode, let me delve into the power of self-talk and its influence on our lives. Through the experience of a Japanese scientist, Dr. Masary Emoto, we’ll see how positive and negative words can impact our daily lives.



But first, what is SELF-TALK?

Self-talk is the inner dialogue or the way we talk with ourselves in our minds. It includes the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes we hold about ourselves, others, and the world around us. Self-talk can either be positive or negative, and it can have a significant impact on our emotions, behaviors, and overall well-being.

BraveHearts, it is important to be mindful of our self-talk and use the power of positive words and affirmations to nurture our souls, in addition to taking control in the spirit. 

5 Empowering Tips for Women to Change Their Self-Talk

  1. Eliminate ‘I can't.’ 
  2. Add the word ‘Yet.’
  3. Add the phrase ‘Just as I want it.’
  4. Become aware of what you're saying.
  5. You can reframe.


Cultivating a positive mindset by becoming aware of our self-talk and learning to replace negative thoughts with positive ones- will improve our mental health and ignite our confidence to soar with self-esteem so that we can achieve our goals!


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0:00 - Intro
1:37 - What is Self-talk
3:07 - Dr. Masaru Emoto’s rice experiment
5:33 - Words have power.
6:42 - How do words matter?
6:48 - Proverbs 18:21
6:57 - How self-talk is the most powerful factor for self-transformation?
7:33 - Reasons why our brain is like a supercomputer.
8:52 - Your life is meant to be a masterpiece.
9:30 - How to start speaking life?
9:52 - Do you have a mindset?
10:10 - What is magnifying?
10:56 - What is catastrophizing?
11:47 - What is polarizing?
12:11- Philippians 4:8
12:39 - Tips on how you can immediately begin to change your self-talk
12:51 - Tip #1: Eliminate ‘I can't.’
13:30 - Tip #2: Add the word ‘Yet.’
14:52 - Tip #3. Add the phrase ‘Just as I want it.’
15:30 - How the way you talk is a habit?
15:45 - Tip #4: Become aware of what you're saying.
16:04 - Tip #5: You can reframe.
16:32 - What is the beauty of powerful affirmations?
17:11 - Faith comes by hearing.
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