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Episode #101 | What to Do When You Want to Quit

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Life often takes us on an unpredictable journey, with its share of highs and lows. There are moments when challenges seem insurmountable, dreams appear distant, and the weight of it tempts us to give up. However, in these difficult times, discovering our inner strength becomes crucial, I call this The Art of Not Giving Up.



Discover the secrets to OVERCOMING the urge to quit and EMBRACE perseverance.


Feel encouraged to push through challenging moments and finish well. Learn how to discern seasons, seek wisdom, and make informed decisions.


Whether it’s quitting a job, a bad habit, or even life itself, find the support you need to navigate difficult times.

3 Common Reasons People

Contemplate Quitting

You get tired.
You get frustrated.
You get afraid.



Here is some insight on dealing with fatigue, frustration, fear, and feelings of failure.  

While quitting may seem like the easy way out, let me emphasize the significance of finishing well. Discerning the season and seeking wisdom and counsel before making any decisions and understanding the value of self-care is essential when we feel exhausted or on the brink of giving up. Most of the time, all we need is a break to rest.


4 Things to Do When

You Want to Quit

Find a new strategy.
Take a break.
Ignite a new fighting spirit.



Regardless of what life throws your way,

stay focused on the desired outcome you strive to achieve.










0:00 - Intro
1:45 - Im done VS Im finished.
4:21 - How to deal with the feeling of giving up?
5:32 - My word for the year is STEADFAST.
5:47 - Reason #1: You get tired. 
6:48 - How to overcome fatigue?
7:08 - What is H-A-L-T?
8:40 - Daniel 7:25
9:00 - Deuteronomy 25:18 
9:37 - Reason #2: You get frustrated 
11:12 - John Maxwell’s Rule of 5
11:36  - The importance of patience and endurance
11:43 - Reason #3: You feel afraid.
12:20 - Jeremiah 29:11
12:43 - How to see the positive outcomes of a failure?
13:22  - 4 things that you do wanna do when you're ready to give up. 
13:28 - The power of prayer.
13:37 - James 1:5
13:59 - Tips for finding a new strategy. 
14:24 - The importance of taking a break.
14:41 - The Freedom Challenge: 60 Days to Untie the Cords that Bind You
15:43 - How to figure out a new focus?
16:45 - Reasons why you must ignite a new fighting spirit. 
18:55 - Philippians 1:6
20:21 - FREE Download: Ignite Your Confidence and Soar with Self-Esteem







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